Freitag, 6. März 2015

Wow, how fast the time goes by...


First of all, I'm sorry... I know, I should write more updates, but I simply don't have any time...

Anyway, so many things happened in the last couple of months. I don't even remember when I wrote the last Post...

If I'm telling you something you already know, I'm sorry.

So, from the beginning (I guess I'll take October?):

I changed my schedule in school. About ten times. Literally. I had several reasons, but the point is, I’m happy now, even though I don’t enjoy school as much as I did during first semester, but later more about that.

I dropped out of ELL (which was basically just Study Hall, so I could have done my homework) to get into Weights. It was kind of fun, until (a week after I finally got into that class) I hurt my finger (left hand – and yes that will get important). How? Well, that’s a very stupid story, so I won’t write it here.

So, I couldn’t really do anything in Weights (it was okay though, it was 2 weeks before Christmas break, anyway), but I still participated in Team Sports. And then I hurt my thumb on the right hand. I couldn’t use both of my hands for about 2 weeks. My left hand is completely alright now, but my thumb still causes me troubles…

I don’t even think I wrote about Thanksgiving. Well, it was AWESOME!!! So much food, so much good food, I have to say. Stuffing, Turkey and Chocolate Pie. It was pretty fun. We celebrated it a week before the actual Thanksgiving-Date, but we were at a friend’s house on Thanksgiving Day. That was pretty fun, too, because they had 2 exchange students (Wichita State University) from (I’m pretty sure it was) India and Saudi Arabia. It was interesting to have 4 nationalities in one room.

My classes went well, I had all A’s last semester…

Christmas was absolutely awesome, too. I got a giant Teddy bear! I have no idea, how I will get him (his name is Brandon) back to Austria…
It was so awesome to see (almost) the whole family. If you’re reading this – Thank you for letting me be a part of your family! You guys are absolutely awesome. (And I’m sorry for still mess up your names, I’m really bad with names…) Time with my family is by far the most precious thing here.

New Year’s Eve was different. In Austria you can see Fireworks all over the place. People are celebrating it with (mostly way too much) alcohol, parties and little figures (they should bring luck), like pigs. Here we basically watched a movie. It was fun, though.

The second semester started not like I thought it will. Because I still had no idea what was (or is) Weights. I also dropped out of Team Sports. Well, now I have:

English 11
Creative Writing
English 10
Teacher’s Assistant (for my Creative Writing teacher)
U. S. History
U. S. Government

The reason I don’t enjoy school not quite as much as last semester is Government. This class is even hard for Americans, and for me it’s even harder. There are so many words I’ve never heard of, and so many things that don’t make sense to me, because we do it completely different in Austria. I still have a B in this class, but I have to work really hard for it. That’s the only class I really do my homework and study for…

I also went to the conditionings for girls’ soccer since the beginning of this year. I couldn’t really do anything because of my thumb, and I feel really bad about that. Everyone was working hard, and I wasn't. However, the season started and now we have practise, which is so much fun. The first game will be in about 2 weeks.

A few weeks ago I saw a beach for the first time in my life! Not in Kansas, though. We went down to Biloxi, Mississippi and I met so many new people. It was an awesome time.

I can's believe how much time went by already. 14 weeks left. Can you believe how fast this schoolyear will be over? We just have next week, then one week off because of spring break. And then there are just about nine weeks of school left...

So, yeah. I think that's it. I'll try to write more often, but as I said time goes by so fast, I just don't have time for anything :D

~ Dani

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